Operation Procrastination


So, it’s exactly one week until Christmas and I have only bought 1 Christmas gift.  And everywhere around me is getting snow while I’m getting copious amounts of rain mixed with snow and sleet.  Which I fear may freeze tonight.  Why am I so scared?  Is it because I live in a really old neighborhood with massive trees everywhere that like to fall during ice?  NO! I’m on edge because I have spent the last few days deciding who I will buy what for, mapping out what is at which store, and determining most efficient routes to each.  I then put together a firm itinerary beginning at 7:30 am tomorrow.  Estimated duration of holiday shopping expedition? 2 hours.  Which would put me home to laze around right about when shopping conditions begin to deteriorate.

So yes, I’M SCREWED!!!

You see, Christmas shopping this year is about as appealing to me as having lunch with Miley Cyrus, Lindsey Lohan, and Kate Gosselin.  Ugh.  The thought of that invokes serious cringing.  I’ll have a vodka tonic, hold the tonic, side of Valium please.

Is it the waiting in long lines on my oh so comfortable RA eroded feet?

Is it the lingering discomfort of carrying around lots of bags on a still extremely sore shoulder?

Is it the close proximity to hordes of people who let their children run wild? (Note: many of my friends have children.  There is “active normal kid bored in a store” behavior and then there is “he was whining because he missed his nap so I gave him a Red Bull, fruit roll-up, and cookies” behavior.  It is this second type to which I am referring.)

Is it the close proximity  of my suppressed immune system to hordes of people who are hacking, coughing, and generally spraying colds, flu, and swine flu in my path?

Is it because it’s extremely cold and I’m extremely tired/worn down and worrying that it might throw me into a flare?

Maybe it’s all, maybe it’s none.  Maybe I’m just a Grinch!

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  1. Maybe its b/c you don’t have anyone “special” in your life this year! Not to fret, he’s coming the end of January. That is my prediction. 😉

    Also, I was just thinking that I’m glad I shopped early, as in the end of October, b/c if I had to right now, I’d be in serious trouble. I am so flared from this weather!!! I think the online shopping is a good idea. And NEXT YEAR, try starting BEFORE the crowds. That is what saved me.

    I saw all this with love, b/c I feel like your older sister, b/c we are so similar. LOL!

    – RA SB

    • Maybe…! It’s actually more that my family can be VERY hit or miss with holidays. Some years they’re great, others, not so great. I haven’t been into the holidays in awhile for that reason. 😦 And yes, I may start shopping for next year next month!

  2. Well, I got finished early and since Monday is one of my day’s off work I went shopping on Monday mornings when there were very few people there! Thank goodness! My feet cant handle long lines either and the pain makes me grumpy. I do have one child but some people let their kids run crazy or maybe they never take their kids out of the house..idk but geez! That mixed with the foot pain is enough! I’m SO ready for summertime!

  3. Hope you had a better than expected holiday period with your family!! I’m with WarmSocks on the point-and-click shopping front!

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