From a recent chat with my mom


Background info: we were discussing how we both have always been impressed with how the Harry Potter books have been translated into movies….

Mom:  I’m usually disappointed in books made into movies but even Quidditch is what I pictured when I read the book.

Me:  Oh, I know. Down to the stadium.

Mom: Even down to the Golden Snitch.  I always thought in my head it looked like a little spider and OH MY GOSH that’s it!  The spider!

Me:  Oh I know. That’s how I saw too.

Mom:  No, no!  The spider!  It was the spider! That’s what did it. That was the turning point.

Me: No, it wasn’t the spider.  It was Snape’s avada kedavra…. (it is not abnormal for our conversations to run like this…I thought I knew where she was going.)

Mom:  No!  The spider!  On the camping trip! (I can hear her wildly gesticulating through the phone.)

Me: Which book?  

Mom:  No, the camping trip Dad and I took you on when you were a toddler.  I was pregnant with your brother and we thought it would be fun.  You got bit by a spider and we had to take you to the emergency room in the middle of the night.  You were having a hard time breathing and looked like you were covered in bruises.

Me: So, we’re not talking about Quidditch anymore?

Mom:  And they had to give you a shot.  And we went back the next day for the tent and everyone there thought we’d left because I’d gone into labor.

Me: Or Harry Potter?

Mom:  It was definitely the spider! 

Me:  You have definitely lost me.

Mom:  The spider! Your RA!  I bet the spider bite is what made your immune system go wacky.

So, it appears that my mom thinks my RA was caused by a rheumatic spider bite at age 1 with no real symptoms manifesting until age 26.  Nice!

Although I think it is terribly sweet and endearing that she continues to go through my childhood illness history to try to figure out my RA, I’m more than a little hesitant to agree.  =) But I’ll let her keep doing it- I think it’s how she deals with it.

Don’t you love how everyone has a different theory?

I would be so much cooler if had it been a radioactive spider.

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  1. Heh heh … my Mom does the same, mostly centering on my teeth (which are, admittedly, for crap), “It was that abcessed tooth!” And you are correct; it’s how they deal. Moms are AWESOME!

  2. Radioactive = SpiderWoman! You’re right. That would’ve been tres kewl.

    OTOH, maybe you would have had Radiotoid Arthritis? And while you would have been able to spin and shoot webs, you would have had a hard time swinging from building to building because it made your joints ache.

  3. Hey Amanda,

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  4. Wow…your mother thinks you’re a comic book character. That’s awesome.

    Strangely, this reminds me of my last conversation with my father!

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