Adventures in Swimming


So, one of my very best friends came up to see me last weekend.  We loaded up a cooler with yummy adult beverages (I know, but I’m not on MTX anymore. WOOOO!) and set out to find an apartment complex with a pool since mine doesn’t have one.  The first complex we went to had a pool that was completely shaded. Um…..what’s the point of having a pool if you can’t see the sun?  The second one we went to was sunny….but was packed full of people.  We decided to move on because we would’ve had to drag chairs around and make a scene….which is a bad thing to do when technically, you’re trespassing.  The third one….was just right!  We carried our beach bags and coolers up the stairs, shut the gate behind us, and enjoyed several hours of sunny gossip.

Now, dear readers, please note the specific verbage I used in the last sentence ( UP the stairs, SHUT the gate).  Can you figure out where I’m going with this?  Oh yes, we locked ourselves in the pool. Hysterical laughter ensues.  Hysterical laughter changes to silence as we realize our only way out is to climb a 5 foot high picket fence and then drop approximately 7 feet to the ground. 

“Um, I really can’t do that.” I tell my friend.  “It’ll hurt my hands to climb and then the erosions on my feet for the landing…..”

We proceeded to spend 10 more minutes trying to find other ways out but finally decide to have her climb over first, I’ll throw the bags over, and then I’ll move chairs to help me climb the fence, and she’ll help me lower myself on the other side.  So, she made it over successfully and as I’m throwing bags over, a very nice guy comes and lets me out.  Whew!

Lesson learned- no more trespassing.

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  1. That sounds exactly like the sort of thing I would never DREAM of doing … but kinda wish I was the sort of person who had the guts to do it!

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