Driving myself crazy


This is completely not RA related.

Yep, a couple of weeks ago when I decided to decline 2 invitations to various beaches and decided that I would NOT be going to the annual party I go to for July 4th at a friends in Greenville, I was psyched.

3 glorious days with not a damn thing to do.  3 glorious days with no obligations. 3 glorious days by myself.  

On July 5th, I will tell you this: I am driving myself crazy.  I have been shopping, I have been walking in the park twice, I have watched every movie I have and have cursed Netflix for only letting me have 3 movies at a time.  All the books on my shelves? Read them.  The only things I haven’t done: unpack more, clean, and laundry.  

I guess it’s part of being in a new town- at first I was psyched to not have any obligations (you know….because I don’t have any friends) but now I’m over it.  And 3 days alone with my thoughts have not necessarily been a good thing.

Sigh.  Bring on the laundry.

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  1. AHH! I am so with you. I decided to be a homebody this weekend, too, save for some dinner plans tonight-but they just got postponed, and I feel stir crazy!!!! I haven’t moved yet, but I’m betting I’ve got some more weekends like this in my future. oy.

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