Best Day Ever!


Saturday was a good day.  No, scratch that.  Saturday was an incredible day.  Since I’m moving, my friend and I met up at lunchtime with cameras and spent the whole day taking pictures of the places around town that mean something to me, the places that I’m going to miss the most.  If you’ve never done that, and you’re looking for something interesting and cheap to do, I highly suggest it.    An added bonus?  The walking- exercising joints that are a little sore right now without completely destroying them.  It was very nice.2333

On the campus of my alma mater, Furman University.


The building I used to work in.


My thoughts on that former employer.  

2429The entrance to my favorite restaurant/bar.  Not exactly RA friendly!

2403My favorite place in town, and the best pic in the bunch!  Behind me are various art galleries that are a blast to peruse.

2341My reaction immediately after my realtor calls me to tell me that I’ve just gotten a FULL PRICE OFFER on my house.  Woo hoo!  I’m a NC girl again!!!!!

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  1. What a perfect Saturday! Congratulations on everything. It sounds like life is going in the right direction. Good luck in NC!

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