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  1. Thanks for posting this (although I mentioned this to you already in our personal emails 🙂 )! I went ahead and emailed him regarding the National Young Arthritis Awareness “Buckle Me Up!” Movement, that has progressed into the RA Awareness Movement 🙂 . I told him how happy I was to see the ad and support but we need more ads about what RA is since the branding is always about ‘general arthritis’…I added that since most people have ‘general arthritis conditions’, yes, it is more well-known, but let’s face it, it’s about money too right? If branding for ‘arthritis’ can be on commercials every day to get people with ‘arthritis pain’ to take ibuprofin and other similar medications, why WOULDN’T the whole world think RA is the same? I told him our meds are prescription and cost an average of $1000 a month to hope for the possibility that we won’t become completely disabled in 10 years.
    I also provided him the links to my “Buckle Me Up!” bracelet campaign:

    AND my Ellen Degeneres plea for 1000 emails to get me on the show with the “Buckle Me Up!” campaign:

    If I don’t hear back in the next couple of days I will follow up. Hey, I’m in LA with him so we’re neighbors… if I push hard enough I can get him on board right???

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