Open Letter



Dear  Friend,

I greatly appreciate that you offered your able bodied self to help me move some brush out of my backyard at the advice of my realtor.  I know you remember how upset I was last year when I paid for a tree to be cut down and realized that I had forgotten to include “and removed” in my discussions with the tree  company.  I guess I’m inexperienced with these things- I would’ve thought an $800 estimate would’ve included this minute detail.  I know you also remember how I helped you move not once but twice…and that said moves included me carrying a lot of your crap out of your old apartment, loaded into a truck, driving truck to new apartment, and carrying your crap into your new apartment.  Repeat.  With nothing asked in return except for your help when I needed it.  

So, I apologize if I reacted a little harshly when, ten minutes before we were to meet at my house, you called to inform me that “so sorry, I’m too hungover.”  So, just fyi, I am pleased to report that I managed to haul all the brush to the street by myself (see picture above- it wasn’t that much.)  It only took me 4 hours.  And my RA…I’m sure my hands will stop hurting soon.  And my allergies- no worries- I know my ears and nose will eventually unclog.  And the scratches and bruises all over my arms and legs- let’s just call that character building.  I’m sure that hauling half as much in half as much time wouldn’t have made a difference at all.

But here’s the kicker- I knew it was a lot of work so I was actually going to give you $60.  

So, thank you for my pedicure.


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  1. I’m sorry your friend’s offer of help fell through. Glad you got a pedicure – you deserved that treat!! Hope you’re not feeling the aftereffects of the yard work too bad today.

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  3. First of all, I need to stop laughing at the tag words “dumb, friends”… It’s amazing how your awareness broadens when you are afflicted with disease… the flowers smell strong, the sun may seem brighter and the disappointment that occurs when friends act “dumb” is magnified to new heights! The good thing is you do realize fairly quickly who you can turn to and who you cannot. So, over time your list of the reliable may be a short one but it will be a good one!

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