Flare Update


So my body is still acting like an indecisive teenage girl and trying to decide if it’s going to flare or not.  I go from feeling good to feeling like complete crap back to feeling good again. Yesterday morning, I enjoyed a nice walk.  Yesterday at lunch, I was nauseous, achy, and my knees and thumbs were hurting.  Yesterday at dinner, I went to a movie (Knowing- it was weird, not sure if I’d recommend it) and then to a friend’s house to play Wii bowling and baseball.  At bedtime last night, I was too nauseous to take my medicine.   I’m beginning to think my RA is a tad bit bipolar.  

So, I’m going to really restrict my diet for the next few days (basically all fruits and veggies, no caffeine, no dairy, lots of water) to see if I can sway things in my favor.

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