Stress, De-Stress, Stress, De-Stress


All together now.  Just like you’d say “wax on, wax off.”  I’ll even do the hand motions for you.  

Since I have established on here that I’m kinda going through some things lately, I decided to take this weekend to be a relaxed, slothful fool.  I’m definitely on the verge of a flare right now (achy, achy, achy- it feels like someone is inside my joints pulling them in all different directions) so I’m hoping this will help get this under control.  

So in the past three days I have: taken many naps, ordered Pineapple Express on Pay Per View (save $4.95 and don’t- it sucked), ordered Twilight on Pay Per View (it was good- book was better), seen I Love You, Man (yes, I was the girl in there laughing loudly when nobody else was), gotten ice cream, gotten Starbucks, gotten pizza, and plotted on how to spend my tax refund.  With reference to that last thing there, the answer is save most of it after buying some massage therapy sessions.  I think I’ve earned it….

I’ve also made some decisions about how I’m going to proceed with certain things.  It’s kinda scary but my family is behind me on it.  It does make me feel better to have a plan, even though parts of it are rather daunting right now.

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  1. sorry to hear that things continue to be so stressful, though having a plan sounds….good.
    Your weekend and my weekend share a lot of similarities. just finished watching dancing with the stars, private practice and grey’s anatomy online, slept a lot, ate half a pizza, and have also decided to save most of my tax refund after I pay off my credit card.
    here’s to a better week, and NO flare!

  2. Just having a plan makes all the difference sometimes. Sending good thoughts that it works at well!

    Good to know about Pineapple Express. My husband and son have wanted to watch it on pay-per-view but I have been putting it off. I had a feeling.

  3. I seem to spend half my life being on the verge of a flare, and the other half having one … so well done for being so sensible and chilling out! I hope it worked for you – it’s semi working for me … but then I’m only semi chilling out!

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