This Week In Review…not as lame


It’s again been a busy week.  Things still aren’t great at work- I seriously feel like I’m circling the drain in a large toilet bowl and wish someone would either cut the water off or just knock me down into the sewer.  I’ve never been this stressed in my life and it’s really affecting me physically.  But what can you do…I know a lot of people are going through this too right now and I am very blessed to still be employed when so many are not.  But that still doesn’t help me relax my shoulders or settle my stomach.  I think the hardest part for me is that I’ve always felt more secure dealing in absolutes- if I’m employed, that’s great, if I’m unemployed, that’s fine too- I just hate being in flux and not knowing what’s going to happen.  Enough on that.  In polar opposite news, I went to a new Japanese steakhouse the other night and found my dream job- hostess who sings karaoke in a cowboy hat with a tambourine.  I would ROCK at that.

Hopefully I will have some more positive posts later in the week but for now I will give you the wrap up…

Successes:  Probiotics! I’ve been on them for over a week now and, while I still am uncomfortable from time to time, I’m not nauseous all day every day. Deep tissue massages and the chiropractor- I’ve done both this week and this seems to really help the inflammation.  Warning: if the massage therapist asks if she’s going too deep, the correct response is not “you can’t hurt me.”  I still have a hard time getting rid of that old  ‘pain is fear leaving your body’ mentality that I used to have pre RA.

Failures: Symptom diary.  If I don’t have time to do laundry or go grocery shopping, I’m sure as heck unlikely to write down these.  Oh well!  Maybe this week.

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