It sucked.


Yep, that is all I will say about this week.  It’s Friday and I have a half day today.  I’m headed home to NC to see family and to go to a surprise 80th birthday party for my grandparents. 

In other news, I did a health assessment for my chiropractor last week that basically gives you a symptom survey and then can pinpoint (theoretically) underlying problems.  62% of my answers pointed to problems with the biliary/liver area.  It’s interesting- apparently deficiencies in these areas can point to auto-immune or arthritic  tendencies……Has anyone else ever tried anything like that?  I’m curious to know before I spend $200 on the recommended vitamins.

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  1. hmmm, i’ve heard something along those lines as well, but i haven’t looked into it. I can say that I’m taking vitamins up the ass (well, not literally) and I think they help, but they aren’t a cure.

  2. Yes, I have been told by two different alternative people that I have problems with my liver. Supplements can help, especially if you are taking meds that are causing more damage to the liver, but the foods we eat can also cause the problems with the liver.

  3. i’ve done this also…i do it about once a month for my chiropractor so we can track my progress. if you’re having trouble with your liver that usually means your body is toxic. your liver is where all the toxins get filtered out of your body. i would think some supplements would help, but a detox or herbs like milk thistle and dandelion and drinking hot lemon water would help the most…of course you won’t see immediate results. you have to do a drastic detox for that. i would do some research if i were you, and try out some if not all of the supps. who knows?

  4. Really sorry you’ve had such a rotten week – and I hope you had a lovely time at the birthday party in spite of it all.

  5. I think you could talk to a medical doctor first. I wouldn’t spend $200 on meds the chiro recommends but I do think that there is alot of truth to these tests. I think a body wrap is better way to go. But none of us are experts even a detox like someone suggested.

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