Where is MY Lifetime Movie?


Whenever I need to feel better about life or just need a good laugh at some really bad acting/poorly thought out story lines, I flip on over to the Lifetime Movie Network.  It never ceases to amaze me that they run a Back To School special with movies such as “Girl Lets The Wrong Boy Borrow Her Bio Notes and Gets Gang Raped By Football Team” or “Girl Blows Tuition Money on Meth Habit and Has to Donate Extraneous Organs.”  Or their Mother’s Day Special with movies such as “Unemployed, uneducated Mother Of Six Facing Foreclosure Has Eight More Babies”…oh wait, that really did happen.  My bad.  But you see what I’m saying- ludicrous plot line + d-list actors/reality show stars + inappropriate themes= really catchy albeit dumb television that does garner exposure for the core events.  Even if an expensive meth habit is not something you should associate with going back to school…or at least I never did.  Maybe I am a prude.

What I am trying to get at is that it seems that we all are extremely frustrated by the lack of exposure as well as the lack of CORRECT exposure RA receives from the mainstream media.  I think that every single person I have chatted with has expressed the same feelings and I’ve seen numerous posts about it in the past few weeks.  So seriously, all funny business aside, what do we do about this?  Does anyone know if the Arthritis Foundation is working on this?  What about the drug companies?  As much as I love the promo crap that Abbott sends me (cooler for my Humira, cookbooks etc.), I would much rather them spend that money on some serious PR work for us.  Get us a good celebrity, a reality show, a Lifetime movie….pharmaceutical television ads that feature people who really do resemble who we are and our disease state.  If I see one more commercial of an RA *patient* playing tennis because the drug worked so well, I might lose my shit. 

So, what do y’all think?  And if they made us a movie, who would play YOU?

Oh, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, if you’re reading this….I love t-shirts.  Size Medium.  I don’t look good in orange.

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  1. completely agree!!!!!!!!! I have spoken with some pharmaceutical companies, actually, and I think some of them, at least, are beginning to clue into the fact that PR is the biggest problem. RA needs to get rebranded, pronto!

    And, in answer to your question, if someone were to play ME in a movie, I’d choose Anne Hathaway. She’d have to dye her hair red, but that would be my top choice. That way, at least in a movie, I could have really long skinny legs!

  2. I have been saying HUGE MISTAKE no PR for this disease for a very long time. My daughter was diagnosed with Systemic JRA 6 years ago at 14 – then a lifetime ultra competitive athlete (would have been on the Olympic Water Polo Team). Now at 20 wearing oxygen and taking over 20 meds throughout her day….

    Cancer is horrid – and everyone knows it. I was told during my daughter’s last stay in the hospital (over 10 months) that her disease is as bad as cancer. No one has any idea.

    What now? Hmmm…wish my daughter was on hear to talk to someone – She won’t.

    My hopes for all – Blue skies ahead!

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