Oscar Night


This is just a short rant….

I went to a black tie event tonight called Oscar Night.  It is exactly what it sounds like- a fundraiser themed around the Oscars.  

I’ve been more swollen than normal lately courtesy of my monthly friend (does this effect you gals too?)  and an enormous amount of stress.  So, when I get my cute blue lace strapless dress out of the closet and see that the hook and eye has come unsewn, I was ready to go all Chris Brown on the dress a little unhappy.

No problem.  I am my mother’s daughter; I will just get my nifty little sewing kit out of the closet and whip a new hook and eye on all by myself.  It will be quick and easy!  Except that the tiny little pieces and my sausage knuckles don’t want to play.  And precision work with a sewing needle?  I’m surprised I didn’t draw blood.  It was actually kinda comical- I’m so nervous to use force with my hands that one time, I was actually trying to push the needle with both hands and then kept getting mad that I couldn’t get a grip on it.  And then I realized the ridiculousness of the situation and had a laugh at myself.  

It ended up well.  I strutted my stuff on the red carpet (seriously)with a well fastened dress looking like a fatter version of Reese Witherspoon with funky fingers.  By the way,  did you know that Reese’s mom has RA?


(Scroll down- it’s like the 3rd story.)

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  1. yea, me too

    also…you know how we can be a little bitter at times about the support ppl with cancer get compared with the amount of support ppl with RA get? Well, Reese Witherspoon narrates the new Avon commercial for the Breast Cancer Walk for the Cure. Why doesn’t she do a little bit for RA if her mother has it? I know it’s her life and she may have her reasons, but I really would like to know what inspires her.

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