So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how this sucker has changed things for me, both good and bad.  I’ve been thinking about this in the context of a good friend battling cancer who went in for a second biopsy to find out why her mass was no longer shrinking to find absolutely NO EVIDENCE of cancer cells.  Oh, how I love a good miracle. Throughout her fight, she has talked about how much she has learned about herself, both good and bad.   So in honor of Laura kicking cancer’s ass, I present to you what I’ve learned/what this new reality is to me in Top Ten format.

Top Ten Things I’ve Realized About Me vs. RA

10.  I used to have a lofty goal of going to bed the same day I got up.   I now have the lofty goal of trying to make it through primetime tv shows. 

9. I used to be accused of being a hypochondriac.  Once I had a bad sinus infection and I convinced myself I had cystic fibrosis.  (Until I realized that was impossible.)  Now I think it’s a good thing that I pay attention to my symptoms.

8.  Goodbye sexy shoes.  Hello uber support!

7.  I used to be unable to swallow a single pill.  I was the child/teen/young adult who had to grind them up.  I can actually swallow them without water now!

6.  I used to scoff at the women who took aqua aerobics.  (I’m so sorry!  I’ve tried it now and have actually been sore from it.)

5. Working out until it hurts is a VERY. BAD. IDEA. 

4. In spite of being an accused hypochondriac, I used to be very hands off on my health.  I took what my doctor said as the Gospel.  I’ve actually better results by researching different things and taking them to discuss with my doctor.  And I encourage everyone I run into to do the same.

3. Amanda + Methotrexate = Not Friends.  You can also substitute methotrexate with stress, lack of sleep, greasy foods.

2.  The only thing I’ve ever known I wanted to do with my life is have kids.  Now I’m absolutely terrified for a variety of reasons.  Can my body handle it?  What if they have RA someday?  Are the medications I’m on screwing with fertility?  

1.  I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”  I’m so much happier, physically and emotionally, when I try to live it.

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