It wasn’t me.


The only way I can make myself not feel dumb about what I did this weekend is to tell you what I *didnt do.*

– I’ve never had a bad habit of pushing my body to things that maybe it’s not quite prepared to do arthritis wise.  

-On Saturday, I certainly didn’t go out with friends.  

– In preparing for the Saturday night where I DIDN’T hang out with friends, I definitely didn’t jettison my comfy yet still attractive black shoes for 4 inch boots.  I would NEVER do this because my doctor told me I could really hurt myself by putting all my body weight on the erosions in the balls of my feet.

– I certainly didn’t shake my booty on the dance floor in 4 inch instruments of torture  black boots until 3 am.

Because I’m so much smarter than that, right?

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  1. haha! wow, that is also exactly what I *didn’t* do this weekend. Saturday, the guy, the shoes, the dancing, etc. Let’s just say the only good thing that came of it was the guy and I ended up *not* making out. I had the worst foot pain and had to wear those thermacare heat wraps the next day…it was definitely worth it though. I think we have to let ourselves have those nights every once in awhile for our sanity. we’re too young not to.
    maybe we can drink goji juice before going out from now on to prevent the repercussions. i am actually pretty serious about that.

  2. I’m with Nathalie on this one – you’ve got to do these mad things now and then, for your sanity. Even I have to do mad things now and then … though not QUITE that mad, mainly because I’m happily married and comfortably middle aged … and far too well-rounded for 4-inch heels. ;o) (One year older on Monday actually)

  3. hey! i completely HEAR you!!! I am 30, live in NYC and absolutely *never* do things like this, I swear….
    Nice to find another person in a similar situation, who also refuses to let RA change who they are.

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