To bring things somewhat current


So, I had every intention of getting all this background story posted in like 2 days. But, thanks to our economy and some serious work drama, I got a tad bit sidetracked.  Sigh…

I guess I stayed on the same treatment plan for a year with some reduction in symptoms but not much.  I ended up having a pretty serious falling out with my rheumatologist, mainly due to the fact that his social skills never improved and the last appt when he walked in, didn’t even look at me, and asked me how my elbows were doing.  “Elbows?  ELBOWS? I wasn’t aware there was a problem with my elbows.”  That was the one time he actually made eye contact with me.  Perhaps I should’ve let him examine my middle finger, it started itching at that moment.

I found a new rheumatologist who is wonderful.  At my first appointment, she spent an hour with me.  She agreed that our end goal was to get me running again (which I am!) and to get me back into the pretty shoes I lust over (which I can wear in moderation if they’re not too high.)  She was pretty upset with my old doctor- he never ran certain blood tests that give indicators on how aggressive RA is and basically let me lose a year in treatment time by continuing a course of medication that wasn’t working.

I’m currently on a low dose of mtx (which I’m not thrilled with but I’ll do for now), sulfazine (basically aspirin and a low dose antibiotic), and Humira.  It’s going okay thus far so let’s all knock on wood!

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