Last night, I headed out to the gym after dinner and found myself instead stopping at the liquor store, getting a bottle of wine, saying screw the gym, and heading back home.  Things are very shaky at work right now; we’re all being made to take a half day of unpaid PER WEEK and rumor has it that they are considering cutting our health insurance.  I will not say much more on this for fear of being dooced but I just don’t know what to do.  Having health insurance cut doesn’t mean as much to some people as it does to me.  My Humira, which I had to battle to get covered, is $4000/month without insurance.  It might as well be $1,000,000; that is as attainable as $4,000 is for medication.  Plus, when I’m stressed, I hurt all over.  So, I don’t have much more to say right now.  I’m just going to sit here on the couch, watch the Wake vs Dook game, and continue to console myself with my good and faithful friend Kendall Jackson.

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  1. I Just found your blog while doing some research . I am 34 years old and am in the process of being tested for RA . I have a blog as well ( originally started to chronicle my lap band journey )
    That says how this started for me .
    I go to the doc on Monday to do what I am sure will be gallons of blood work !
    Your blog is very helpful. Thank you !

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