Updated September 1, 2010

Prescription Medication:

Methotrexate-Restarted in Oct 2009- 6 per week.

Sulfazine- Discontinued in June 2010- 6 per day

Humira- Discontinued in June 2010 1 injection bi-weekly

Prednisone- Restarted June 2010- 40 mg/day. Tapered down to 10 mg/day. Fatness= UGH discontinued in June 2009

Diclofenac- discontinued January 2009

Currently in a drug study- will publish which medication I’m on when I’m told at end of study.

Over the Counter Medication:

Aleve- prn

Supplements: (consult with a doctor/nutritionist before adding)

Note: I purchase all of my supplements either via prescription from my doctor or from a nutritionist so that all my supplements are pharmaceutical grade.  I’m still trying to find the article I read that made me switch to this- basically discussed that the reason they’re cheaper in big box retail stores is because the quality is poor.

Via Prescription:Potassium, Iron, Folic Acid

From a nutritionist: Magnesium, Flax Seed Oil, Fish Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, Goji Juice

Exercise: walking 45 min/day with light weights and stretching